>>>I love Kim Harrison’s urban fantasy book series built around her main character, Rachel Morgan. The first book in the series is called Dead Witch Walking. Rachel Morgan is a witch who lives in Cincinnati in a renovated church(in a section of the city called The Hollows) with her best friend and partner, Ivy Tamwood, a living vampire who retains her soul. They both left law enforcement – the I.S. – to form their own private security agency. Also joining them in their new business is the 6-inch tall pixy, Jenks, who along with his wife Matalina and their 54 kids, live with Rachel and Ivy.

>>>A favorite exercise among Kim Harrison’s fans is to cast actors for what Kim calls the “relax-they-aren’t-going-to-make-it-Hollows movie.” Although no immediate plans are in the works for a movie, we can only hope someone in Hollywood falls in love with this terrific series and it’s memorable characters.

>>>I chose actors I not only thought looked like the characters described in the books, but who I thought would do a great job–actors who would actually have a shot at being cast in a big Hollywood blockbuster. I used photos–and videos for the main characters–for all the characters I could think of(did I leave anybody out?*grin*). Feel free to give me a grade, or offer alternative opinions. Here goes…

Rachel Morgan: Witch, age 24-26. Emma Stone.

Rachel Morgan: Witch, age 24-26. Emma Stone.

Rachel Morgan: Emma Stone

>>>I think Emma Stone is a really talented young actress(Superbad/Zombieland) who would be perfect for the part. She’s funny, beautiful, and likeable, and Hollywood LOVES her.

Ivy Tamwood: Living Vampire, age 26-28. Maggie Q.

                          Ivy Tamwood: Maggie Q

>>>Maggie Q is a protege of Jackie Chan and has appeared in many action movies. In America, she appeared in Mission Impossible 3, and is now appearing on TV as Nikita(in the CW show of the same name). And will soon be seen in the movie Priest. It was difficult to find an Asian-American actress to play the part until Maggie came along. She’s perfect for the part.

Jenks: 6-inch-tall, flying pixy. Married, father of 54. Justin Timberlake.

                     Jenks: Justin Timberlake

>>>I know Justin Timberlake is going to be my most controversial pick. But hear me out: Jenks is described as looking very young, but because of a pixy’s relatively short life-span, he’s actually an older adult. The actor who plays him has to look young, blond, and handsome, but also have a composed aura about him. He needs to be athletic, and he has to be funny. I’m not a fan of his music, but he has become an accomplished actor, as well as a competent comedian(if you’ve ever seen him in an interview or when he hosts SNL, I think you’ll agree he could do it). And again, a very bankable star.

                  Kisten Felps: Living Vampire, age 26-28. Matt Bomer.

                         Kisten Felps: Matt Bomer

>>>Matt Bomer is the star of USA Network’s White Collar. He’s a relative newcomer. I know he isn’t blond(laugh) or a big star, but I think he has all the qualities to play Kisten. He has that metrosexual vibe about him. He’s sexy, but accessible and likeable to women and men. Kisten is a submissive vamp–he’s NOT a “tough guy,” but he can be strong when he has to be.

             Trent Kalamack: Elf, age 27-29. Chris Pine.

                        Trent Kalamack: Chris Pine

>>>After appearing in a number of movies and TV shows, Chris Pine got his big break in 2009 playing James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek franchise. He’s been very busy since then, and would be a great “get” to play the conniving politician, businessman, Trent Kalamack.

        Algaliarept: Demon. Thousands of years old. Johnny Depp.

                   Algaliarept: Johnny Depp

>>>Not only is Johnny Depp Kim Harrison’s choice to play the pivotal role of Algaliarept, but he may be the biggest movie star on the planet. If he liked the script, he could get the movie “green-lighted” in a Hollywood heartbeat.

        Rynn Cormel: Undead Vampire. Former President. Mark Valley.

         Rynn Cormel: Mark Valley

>>>Mark Valley is a veteran TV actor who has appeared in a number of shows, including Boston Legal and Fringe. He currently stars in Human Target. He looks like a slick vampire politician, doesn’t he?

Dorothy “Skimmer” Claymore: Living Vampire, age 26-28.
                                                Kristen Bell

               Skimmer: Kristen Bell

>>>Kristen Bell has appeared in a number of TV shows, including Veronica Mars and Heroes, as well as a number of movies: Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall…I think she would be great as the jealous vamp, Skimmer.

Captain Eden of the I.S.:  Human. Bruce Campbell.

       Captain Edden: Bruce Campbell

>>>Bruce Campbell is the star of the “Evil Dead” movies, and is currently starring in the USA Network’s hit, Burn Notice.

         Detective Mathew Glenn: Human, F.I.B. Boris Kodjoe.

         Detective Glenn: Boris Kodjoe

>>>Boris Kodjoe has appeared in movies and television, and is currently starring in the NBC show, Undercovers.

Stanley “Lee” Saladan: Witch, age 26-29. Paul Walker.

           Stanley “Lee” Saladan: Paul Walker

>>>Paul Walker has appeared in many movies, including The Fast And The Furious, Into The Blue, Eight Below, and most recently, Takers. He could play the bad-boy witch from California, right?

Gordian Nathaniel Pierce: Witch. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

               Pierce: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

>>>Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his start on television starring in the long-running show, 3rd Rock From The Sun. He now has become a sought-after movie star, starring in movies such as G.I. Joe, 55 Days Of Summer, and Inception. Pierce is a strange enigma of a witch–is he a good guy, or a bad guy?  The character calls for a great actor, I think, to bring him to life onscreen.

Ford Miller: Human Det. for I.S. Paul Rudd.

                       Ford Miller: Paul Rudd.

>>>Paul Rudd is a busy comedic actor starring in a number of movies: I Love You Man, Dinner For Shmucks, Role Models, Knocked Up, etc. The character of Ford, the gifted but troubled I.S. agent, needs a funny, sympathetic actor like the talented Paul Rudd.

            Minias: Demon. Thousands of years old. Bill Hader.

                   Minias: Bill Hader

>>>Minias is a put-upon, hen-picked Demon. I think he is a comical figure and Bill Hader would be hilarious in the role. He’s probably the busiest comedic character actor working today. He seems to be in everything: Saturday Night Live on TV, as well as countless movies(Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Night At The Museum, Adventureland, Tropic Thunder, Superbad, Knocked Up, among many…).

             Nick Sparagmos: Human, age 25-28. Andrew Garfield.

                                     Nick: Andrew Garfield

>>>Nick is originally Rachel’s love interest, but ends up betraying her. He’s a bit of a weasel. Andrew Garfield is a relative unknown, but that is about to change. This year alone, he is set to star in Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, and he has been cast to replace Toby McGuire as the new Spider Man.

        Mia Harbor: Banshee, over 200 years old. Natalie Portman.

                      Mia Harbor: Natalie Portman

>>>Mia is a banshee that steals a person’s aura for sustenance. She’s dangerous and will kill to protect those she loves. Natalie Portman has been a movie star since she was a child. Some of her movies include Black Swan, V For Vendetta, Star Wars, as well as the upcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

David Hue: Werewolf. Sam Worthington.

               David Hue: Sam Worthington

>>>David is a reluctant hero, but he is a loyal friend to Rachel Morgan. Sam Worthington has starred in a number of successful films, including Clash Of The Titans, Terminator salvation, and Avatar.

Leon “Keasley” Bairnes: Witch. Former I.S. Agent. Roger Robinson.

      Keasley: Roger Robinson

>>>Roger Robinson is a veteran actor in movies, television(currently starring in AMC’s Rubicon), and the stage(won the Tony for acting in 2009).

Newt: Powerful female Demon. Thousands of years old. Tilda Swinton.

                 Newt: Tilda Swinton

>>>Tilda Swinton, with her androgynous good looks, is perfect to play the mentally unstable, powerful Demon, Newt. She has appeared in a number of movies, including Constantine, Julia, Michael Clayton, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Ceridwen “Ceri” Dulciate: Elf. Age: 1 Thousand. Malin Akerman.

             Ceri: Malin Akerman

>>>Ceri is over a thousand because of Demon curses, but she is said to look about 30. She is tough and powerful, as well as beautiful. Malin Akerman has starred in many movies, including Watchmen, 27 Dresses, The Proposal, and Couples Retreat.

Quen: Elf. Age: 40+. Trent’s bodyguard. Robert Downey Jr.

             Quen: Robert Downey Jr.

>>>Robert Downey Jr. is a huge movie star, and I know he doesn’t fit Quen’s description as a Dark Elf, but I think the part calls for someone who can stand up to Trent Kalamack and attract the eye of the beautiful Ceri. And any movie that has Robert Downey Jr. in it is going to be better for it, right?

Piscarry: Undead Vampire. Age: 500+. Ben Kingsley.

                        Piscarry: Ben Kingsley

>>>Ben Kingsley is a great veteran actor, starring in many academy award-winning movies. Piscarry is an evil, domineering vampire who is the primary villian in the book series, and Mr. Kingsley is more than up for the part.

Erica Randal: Living Vamp, teenager. Ivy’s sister. Jamie Chung.

              Erica Randal: Jamie Chung

>>>Jamie Chung is a young actress who has starred on television, as well as in the movies(Sorority Row, Burning Palms, Grown ups, and the upcoming Sucker Punch).

Takata: Witch. Singer/Songwriter. Rachel’s dad. Thomas Haden Church.

               Takata: Thomas Haden Church

>>>Takata(real name “Donald”) is Rachel’s biological father. He is described as a famous recording artist who is eccentric in appearance and lifestyle. Thomas Haden Church is a veteran actor, starring in such films as Sideways and Spider-Man 3, as well as the upcoming Easy A(starring Emma Stone!).

Alice Morgan: Witch. Rachel’s mother. Catherine Keener.

           Alice Morgan: Catherine Keener

>>>Catherine Keener is an Academy-nominated actress who has starred in such films as Percy Jackson, Where The Wild Things Are, Into The Wild, and The 40-yr-old Virgin.

         Ku’Sox: Demon. Thousands of years old. Paul Bettany.

Paul Bettany.

>>>Ku’Sox is an unstable and dangerous day-walking demon. Paul Bettany has appeared in a number of Hollywood films: Legion, Inkheart, Master and Commander, and in the upcoming release, Priest, he plays a vampire-hunting priest in a dystopian wild west.

    Vivian Smith: White Witch, Coven member. 30-ish. Elizabeth Banks.

                                Vivian Smith:
Elizabeth Banks

>>>Vivian’s relationship with Rachel Morgan is initially an adversarial one, but later she becomes a powerful ally. Elizabeth banks is a dramatic and comedic star of TV(30 Rock, Scrubs) and film: Role Models, W., Zack and Miri Make A Porno, Definitely Maybe, all 3 Spiderman films, Seabiscuit, Catch Me If You Can, and The Uninvited.

  Bis: Teenage gargoyle. Lives w/Rachel at church.(Unknown actor*grin*)


Going on a blogging vacation for awhile…or, I guess I should say I’m taking a vacation from blogging(laugh). Might be back later in the fall…

*Antonio 😎